I lost my Buyer Agent

Mary was moving to PA and looking for her dream home. Mary had a friend that recommended a PA Realtor that Mary decided to use. Like many buyers Mary loved to look at all the homes and pictures on the Internet.

Mary’s new Realtor seemed nice enough and was sending a few homes but Mary was seeing so much online that the new Realtor wasn’t sending and she didn’t want to miss a thing. When asked why these other homes were missing the Realtor explained that the criteria that Mary had given him as a “Must Have” in the home, such as the “fireplace”, “2 car garage” and “finished basement” were missing from these other homes so they were filtered out. They agreed that he should adjust to loosen the search for more results. Mary continued to search and a few weeks later came upon a home she just had to see. Mary called the Realtor and stated that she wanted to look at this home. The Realtor was going out of town for the weekend and told Mary he would call first thing next week to arrange the showing. Mary agreed but after viewing it several more times online she just had to see it now!

Mary called the Listing office and was promptly connected to a Realtor. Mary said she was driving in from out of town and would like to see this home that she found online. The anxious Realtor  also offered to show Mary several other homes in the area at the same time. They agreed to meet Saturday morning. Mary didn’t hit it off with  anxious Realtor and quickly looked at the homes without much conversation.

Mary loved the home and excitily called her Realtor first thing Monday to have him write an offer. “That’s a problem” the Realtor stated. Mary was confused as they had reviewed the PA Consumer Notice and she had even signed a  Buyer Agency contract. 

 The Realtor explained the PA rules of procuring cause and that Mary’s actions created a situation where “anxious Realtor” may be entitled to the commission offered by the Listing office and that if she wished him to continue representing her that Mary would need to pay for his services directly because the listing commission would only pay one cooperating agent commission and that would be “anxious Realtor”. Procuring cause may kick in anytime a potential purchaser physically enters a property for sale, an open house or even new construction. If not accompanied by your agent the commission may go to the Agent present.

What if  “anxious Realtor” is also the Listing Agent and now becomes a Dual Agent. Who represents Mary?

This is how Mary lost her Buyer Agent. CHOOSE DON’T LOSE

For more info checkout these resources:

“PA Consumer Notice”

By Bill Frantz

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