I’m Going To Live In My Car!

Why pay RENT! Did you know that rents are rising? You are going to pay more and more and more for ever and ever and pay someone else’s mortgage.

(sound effect of needle scratching across album as light bulb appears above your head) If you don’t know what an album is… it doesn’t matter, just go with the light bulb. OK… Renting doesn’t make sense!  We all need to live somewhere.  If Mom and Dad locked the basement and you can’t live there what do you do?

 I’m going to live in my car. It’s nice and the back seat folds down… I gain mobility and can have a new neighborhood every night but I do give up a lot as well. Then I was thinking about the car’s value, my loan and re-sale. I paid $32,000 for the car and lost so much value instabtly as  I drove off the car lot with my now used car that I’m actually upside down with my value. The added wear and tear is not going to help. I am losing value everyday. Right now I’m just hoping my car lasts longer than the loan!

What other option do I have?   What if I bought a place of my own… But I worry about the home values still dropping. I’m already losing value on my car! I need to live somewhere and living in my car may not be the best… I need a place for my stuff. My friend bought last year and was telling me about the great tax break he got… almost $2,800 refund! Mortgage rates are at an all time low… I wonder… how much would my payment actually be? My credit was OK when I got my car, but I don’t have a lot of money. My friend Joe bought a house and he makes about the same as me and so did that girl in accounting at work. Could I buy…  BUT… What if ?

  • I can’t get a mortgage
  • I can’t make the payments
  • value drops
  • my credit is not good enough
  • I don’t have enough money

4 out of 5 buyers surveyed had these same What ifs! 1 out of  5 did something about it! The first step is the hardest and NOW is the time. If you have even the slightest thought that a home is in your future, you’re tired of ever increasing rent and living in your car is not really an option then you owe it to yourself  to get a Pre-Qualification for a mortgage. It’s Free! No Hassle!

Did you ever notice that the News is 95% negative… Fear sells ratings! Ratings bring advertisers and advertisers bring money!

 HEADLINE         “Buy Home Now Before World Ends”

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By Bill Frantz  at Norstar Mortgage

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